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Genealogy research is my passion. My latest studies of my family have been on our Indian lines. Saponi, Lumbee, Melungeon, free black in NC 1600's.

Line of Martin Gibson has not had any very close matches on DNA. David Gibson of SC is a possible brother or first cousin. All I can find is him being bound to James Carrington in Orange County, NC in 1783 along with his sisters, Dicey and Susannah. It is thought that James Carrington's wife is Margery Gibson. There is a Barbados connection earlier in the Carrington line. Updated 6/14/2012.

Now's it's about Quakers, members of the Virginia Abolitionist Society, and "Quaker Baptists" whatever they are. Well, different than my Jacobites and "No Hellers". 6/13/2012.

As time goes by, I am finding more interesting ancestors and wish I had the time to fully devote to writing. I know I have a book or two in me. 6/15/2012.