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Template Info

Whether you are new to the FrontPage program or are a more advanced user, we feel you will find our templates easy to use and modify. We've tried to make all of the instructions easy to follow. All you have to do is delete our content and add your own text and images. Easy!

Template Images:

The images shown in this template are designed so that you can easily exchange them for those of your own. You can then apply one of three classes to your new images to have them float to the left of right of the page and to have the thin, double border automatically applied. See the CSS Info page for more details.

Style Sheets and Classes:

Rated Basic

This template uses standard CSS definitions and classes, FrontPage navigation and/or Include files, FrontPage forms and other web components. Some basic FrontPage and HTML knowledge is recommended.

This template does not use tables for page layout. Each area uses a DIV to hold content along with a CSS class to format the information contained within it. As with tables, if you accidentally drag the edge of a DIV bounding box, it will reset the properties with unwanted results. If you move the edge of an element, hit the Undo button and start again. It is always a good idea to test your pages frequently by going to File / Preview in Browser.

Our CSS file is "commented" to help you locate and identify specific items. In FrontPage 2003, you can easily see which classes and/or IDs are applied to specific areas if you look at the "Quick Tag Selector" bar.

Note: As you input your content, you may notice that occasionally the text will "jump" to the far left of your page while in design view. While your text will still be in the correct position when you view the page in your browser, it is a bit awkward to see this effect. A quick and easy fix is to simply resize the design view window in FP2003 or close and reopen the page in FP2002.

Newsletter Sign-Up:

The newsletter subscription is active. Those who subscribe will be directed to the Thank You page and their results are saved in the private folder where you can retrieve the results at a later time. You can also choose to have the results emailed to you. You can find more details about forms in the FrontPage help files.

Your Name Here:

We have used a logosample.jpg image at the top of each page. We also supply you with two blank images - logoblank.jpg and logoblank.psd. You can use your favorite imaging program to add your own text to the blank image. You can then rename your new image to logosample.jpg and save it back to your web's images folder. This will overwrite our sample with your own. We have placed this image in an include page (includes/logo.htm) so you only have to change it once and it will be correct on all of your pages.

Navigation Links:

Rather than rely on the standard FrontPage "web-bots" for the different navigation areas, we set the site links into Include pages to make your choices a bit more flexible:

Copyright Information:

The copyright information can be easily changed by opening the footer.htm page located in the include folder. You will change the information once and it will be changed on all of the pages within your site.

Our Services:

While we do not have the resources to change template images or colors on request, we do offer custom design services for these types of template modifications. We do not recommend you attempt to make major changes to this template package.

We offer full customer support for our products. While we try to make our templates easy to use, if you have questions or need specific "how-to" information, please check the Help Center of our site. If you have a question regarding your template, just let us know and we'll quickly get you the answers you need.